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Predicting Brain Tumor Using Transfer Learning


Mustafa Abdul Salam, Sanaa Taha, Sameh Alahmady and Alwan Mohamed4


Vol. 23  No. 5  pp. 73-88


Brain tumors can also be an abnormal collection or accumulation of cells in the brain that can be life-threatening due to their ability to invade and metastasize to nearby tissues. Accurate diagnosis is critical to the success of treatment planning, and resonant imaging is the primary diagnostic imaging method used to diagnose brain tumors and their extent. Deep learning methods for computer vision applications have shown significant improvements in recent years, primarily due to the undeniable fact that there is a large amount of data on the market to teach models. Therefore, improvements within the model architecture perform better approximations in the monitored configuration. Tumor classification using these deep learning techniques has made great strides by providing reliable, annotated open data sets. Reduce computational effort and learn specific spatial and temporal relationships. This white paper describes transfer models such as the MobileNet model, VGG19 model, InceptionResNetV2 model, Inception model, and DenseNet201 model. The model uses three different optimizers, Adam, SGD, and RMSprop. Finally, the pre-trained MobileNet with RMSprop optimizer is the best model in this paper, with 0.995 accuracies, 0.99 sensitivity, and 1.00 specificity, while at the same time having the lowest computational cost.


Brain Tumor, Transfer Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, MRI.