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An Overview of Data Security Algorithms in Cloud Computing


Dr. D. I. George Amalarethinam and S. Edel Josephine Rajakumari


Vol. 23  No. 5  pp. 65-72


Cloud Computing is one of the current research areas in computer science. Recently, Cloud is the buzz word used everywhere in IT industries; It introduced the notion of ‘pay as you use’ and revolutionized developments in IT. The rapid growth of modernized cloud computing leads to 24×7 accessing of e-resources from anywhere at any time. It offers storage as a service where users’ data can be stored on a cloud which is managed by a third party who is called Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Since users’ data are managed by a third party, it must be encrypted ensuring confidentiality and privacy of the data. There are different types of cryptographic algorithms used for cloud security; in this article, the algorithms and their security measures are discussed.


cloud, resources, services, applications, security.