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Biometric Identification: Iris Recognition, Biometric Cryptography


Rawan Alrasheddi, Zainab Alawami, Maryam Hazazi, Reema Abu Alsaud, and Ruba Alobaidi, and Dr. Naya Nagy.


Vol. 23  No. 5  pp. 41-46


Biometrics is an application of biometric authentication and identification techniques that are used for security. Where people can be identified by physical or behavioral features such as iris, fingerprints, or even voice. Biometrics with cryptography can be used in a variety of applications such as issuing, generating, or associating biometric keys. Biometric identification and cryptography are used in many institutions and high-security systems due to the difficulty of tampering or forgery by hackers. In this paper, literature reviews on biometric identification and cryptography are presented and discussed. In addition to a comparison of techniques in the literature reviews, identifying its strengths and weaknesses, and providing an initial proposal for biometrics and cryptography.


Reverse engineering, Code obfuscation, Byte code, Disassembler, and assembly.