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Defining the Scope of the Internet of Things with a Particular Focus on Its Role in Healthcare: A Review Paper


Abdulaziz Alomari and Ben Soh


Vol. 23  No. 4  pp. 187-197


Today’s world is experiencing rapid technological advancement like never before. The ever-changing technology space has overwhelmed citizens with a substantial load of information, which has made it difficult for them to keep up with the technology awareness. This review paper is written to provide information about the Internet of Things in a way that technical along with non-technical individuals can understand the definition, historical evolution, components, and scope of IoT technology. Relevant literature published between January 2009 and February 2023 was included in this paper. The applications of the Internet of Things in healthcare have been a special focus of this paper as IoT has massive potential in this field and healthcare professionals often face significant issues in keeping their technology knowledge up to date. Moreover, some of the most common issues associated with IoT introduction in healthcare are also discussed in the paper along with some suitable recommendations. Although, IoT can significantly transform our lives and can introduce convenience and efficiency, particularly in the healthcare sector. However, its adoption in healthcare is still a major task due to various challenges presented by the health workforce. Thus, in-depth empirical research is suggested to assist the IoT technology transition.


Internet of Things, Technology education, Digital health, IoT use in healthcare.