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IEEE 802.15.4e TSCH-mode Scheduling in Wireless Communication Networks


Ines Hosni and Ourida Ben boubaker


Vol. 23  No. 4  pp. 156-165


IEEE 802.15.4e-TSCH is recognized as a wireless industrial sensor network standard used in IoT systems. To ensure both power savings and reliable communications, the TSCH standard uses techniques including channel hopping and bandwidth reserve. In TSCH mode, scheduling is crucial because it allows sensor nodes to select when data should be delivered or received. Because a wide range of applications may necessitate energy economy and transmission dependability, we present a distributed approach that uses a cluster tree topology to forecast scheduling requirements for the following slotframe, concentrating on the Poisson model. The proposed Optimized Minimal Scheduling Function (OMSF) is interested in the details of the scheduling time intervals, something that was not supported by the Minimal Scheduling Function (MSF) proposed by the 6TSCH group. Our contribution helps to deduce the number of cells needed in the following slotframe by reducing the number of negotiation operations between the pairs of nodes in each cluster to settle on a schedule. As a result, the cluster tree network’s error rate, traffic load, latency, and queue size have all decreased.


Optimized scheduling function; IEEE 802.15.4e TSCH; cluster tree; scheduling.