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Multi-Obfuscation Approach for Preserving Privacy in Smart Transportation


Sami S. Albouq, Adnan Ani Sen, Nabile Almoshfi, Mohammad Bin Sedeq, Nour Bahbouth


Vol. 23  No. 4  pp. 139-145


These days, protecting location privacy has become essential and really challenging, especially protecting it from smart applications and services that rely on Location-Based Services (LBS). As the technology and the services that are based on it are developed, the capability and the experience of the attackers are increased. Therefore, the traditional protection ways cannot be enough and are unable to fully ensure and preserve privacy. Previously, a hybrid approach to privacy has been introduced. It used an obfuscation technique, called Double-Obfuscation Approach (DOA), to improve the privacy level. However, this approach has some weaknesses. The most important ones are the fog nodes that have been overloaded due to the number of communications. It is also unable to prevent the Tracking and Identification attacks in the Mix-Zone technique. For these reasons, this paper introduces a developed and enhanced approach, called Multi-Obfuscation Approach (MOA that mainly depends on the communication between neighboring fog nodes to overcome the drawbacks of the previous approach. As a result, this will increase the resistance to new kinds of attacks and enhance processing. Meanwhile, this approach will increase the level of the users’ privacy and their locations protection. To do so, a big enough memory is needed on the users’ sides, which already is available these days on their devices. The simulation and the comparison prove that the new approach (MOA) exceeds the DOA in many Standards for privacy protection approaches.


Connected, Vehicles, Privacy, Standard, Communication, Cloud, Computing, Fog, Interworking, Obfuscation