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Introducing the Concept of Intelligent Financial Inclusion


Anam Yasir and Alia Ahmed


Vol. 23  No. 4  pp. 103-110


Financial inclusion is the safe and timely access of formal financial services to people at affordable costs. Various barriers of legacy financial system hinder the involvement of all segments of populations in the financial sector. The journey from financial exclusion to financial inclusion has to be achieved with the implementation of technological breakthroughs. Covid-19 has also raised the need for technology in all sectors of the economy. This research paper introduces the concept of intelligent financial inclusion which is the provision of financial services to people with the help of intelligent systems. This intelligent system will take the concepts from the human mind, cognitive sciences, and artificial intelligence tools and techniques. For achieving the optimal level of financial inclusion, economies must shift their financial sector from traditional means to intelligent financial systems. In this way, intelligent financial inclusion will achieve the target of involving all people in the financial sector.


Financial exclusion; COVID-19, Intelligent financial inclusion