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A Prediction Model for studying the Impact of Separated Families on Students using Decision Tree


Ourida Ben boubaker, Ines Hosni, and Hala Elhadidy


Vol. 23  No. 4  pp. 79-84


Social studies show that the number of separated families have lately increased due to different reasons. Despite the causes for family rift, many problems are resulted which affected the children physically and psychologically. This effect may cause them fail in their life especially at school. This paper focuses on the negative reaction of the parents’ separation with other factors from the computer science prospective. Since the artificial intelligent field is the most common widespread in computer science, a predictive model is built to predict if a specific child whose parents separated, may complete the school successfully or fail to continue his education. This will be done using Decision Tree that have proved their effectiveness on the predication applications. As an experiment, a sample of individuals is randomly chosen and applied on our prediction model. As a result, this model shows that the separation may cause the child success at school if other factors are satisfied; the intelligent of the guardian, the relation between the parents after the separation, his age at the separation time, etc.


Machine learning, Predictive decision tree, Social studies, If-then-else rules.