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Optical Spectroscopic Analysis Techniques to Detect Elemental Profile of Human Teeth Dentine


Saifullah Jamali, Muhammad Aslam Khoso, Irfan Ali Sanjrani, Hussain Saleem, Tariq Ali Siyal, Muhammad Ashraf, Mansoor Ahmed Memon, Ghulam Murtaza, Zahid Hussain Arain, Zaheer Ahmed Ujjan, uhammad Niaz Laghari, Samina Saleem, Nek M. Shaikh, Waseem A. Bhutt


Vol. 23  No. 3  pp. 193-202


Numerous articles under the study and the examination of heavy metals in human teeth have been published in recent years. The heavy metal poisoning is a widespread issue emerged in toxicology area these days. It has been discovered that long-term exposure to heavy metals typically present in traces, in our everyday meals, drinking water, and in the environment as pollution causes heavy metal poisoning in human beings. Industrial effluents, Coal and Oil, as well as a variety of consumer items, such as cosmetics, can all cause this type of exposure. Teeth, which are often thought of as exoskeleton parts, store heavy metals with a high affinity and represent long-term exposure information. In this study, we have chosen and examined the sections of dentine instead, then examined the entire tooth. We have combined the work done on the examination of heavy metals in human teeth using several instrumental approaches e.g. “Optical Spectroscopic Techniques” to detect elemental profile of human teeth in the current study.


Heavy metals; Human teeth; Optical Spectroscopic techniques; Pollution; Toxic metals;