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A Novel Hybrid Algorithm Based on Word and Method Ranking for Password Security


Berker Tasoluk and Zuhal Tanrikulu


Vol. 23  No. 3  pp. 161-168


It is a common practice to use a password in order to restrict access to information, or in a general sense, to assets. Right selection of the password is necessary for protecting the assets more effectively. Password finding/cracking try outs are performed for deciding which level of protection do used or prospective passwords offer, and password cracking algorithms are generated. These algorithms are becoming more intelligent and succeed in finding more number of passwords in less tries and in a shorter duration. In this study, the performances of possible password finding algorithms are measured, and a hybrid algorithm based on the performances of different password cracking algorithms is generated, and it is demonstrated that the performance of the hybrid algorithm is superior to the base algorithms.


Password cracking, password security, hybrid, brute force, dictionary attacks, password testing, information security, it security.