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Jumpstarting the Digital Revolution: Exploring Smart City Architecture and Themes


Maha Alqahtani, Kholod M. Alqahtani


Vol. 23  No. 3  pp. 110-122


Over the last few decades, various innovative technologies have emerged that have significantly contributed to making life easier for humans. Various information and communication technologies (ITCs) have emerged as a result of the global technological revolution, including big data, IoT, 4G and 5G networks, cloud computing, mobile computing, and artificial intelligence. These technologies have been adopted in urban planning and development, which gave rise to the concept of smart cities in the 1990s. A smart city is a type of city that uses ITCs to exchange and share information to enhance the quality of services for its citizens. With the global population increasing at unprecedented levels, cities are overwhelmed with a myriad of challenges, such as the energy crisis, environmental pollution, sanitation and sewage challenges, and water quality issues, and therefore, have become a convergence point of economic, social, and environmental risks. The concept of a smart city is a multidisciplinary, unified approach that has been adopted by governments and municipalities worldwide to overcome these challenges. Though challenging, this transformation is essential for cities with differing technological and social features, which all have the potential to determine the success or failure of the digital transformation of cities into smart cities. In recent years, researchers, businesses, and the government have all turned their attention to the emerging field of smart cities. Accordingly, this paper aims to represent a thorough understanding of the movement toward smart cities. The key themes identified are smart city definitions and concepts, smart city dimensions, and smart city architecture of different layers. Furthermore, this article discusses the challenges and some examples of smart cities.


Smart city, Digital transformation, ITCs, Governance, Sustainability. Smartness