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Strategic Business Values of the Blockchain Technology Market to Assist Professionals: Deployment Perspective


Waleed Rashideh


Vol. 23  No. 2  pp. 210-226


It is difficult to transform a blockchain initiative from the feasibility stage to the fully commercialized the technology’s products or services, especially considering the significant investment required and the lack of studies on the benefits and barriers from deployment perspective. Whereas some organizations have come up with their own solutions to moving beyond the feasibility stage, commercial applications do not yet exist and few organizations are willing to invest beyond the prototype phase and fill in the gap between the expected and actual business value of these types of projects. This study aims to develop a blockchain model using a survey to gather qualitative data on experts’ opinions on the deployment of blockchain technology. Our model will measure how business professionals could take advantage of blockchain’s disruptive technology to develop business opportunities. This study’s contribution is to show blockchain technology’s potential strategic business value. The findings from this exploration include the prospective for delivering comprehensions to businesses for different creating investment choices on the embracing of the blockchain technology.


Blockchain technology; business value; deployment opportunities, technical assessment.