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Applying Information and Communication Technologies as A Scope of Teaching Activities and Visualization Techniques for Scientific Research


Viktoriya L. Pogrebnaya, Natalia O. Kodatska, Viktoriia D. Khurdei, Vitalii M Razzhyvin, Lada Yu. Lichman, Hennadiy A. Senkevich


Vol. 23  No. 2  pp. 193-198


The article focuses on the areas of education activities in using techniques for teaching and learning with information and communication technologies (ICTs), researching and analyzing the available ICTs, gearing the technologies to the specific psychological and pedagogical conditions, independently building and modeling ICTs, enlarging and developing their use in the learning environment. The visualization of scientific research has been determined to be part of the educational support for building students' ICT competence during teaching and learning and is essential to the methodology culture. There have been specified main tasks for pedagogy technologies (PTs) to develop the skills of adaptability to the global digital space in students, their effective database operation and using the data bases as necessary elements for learning and as part of professional training for research. We provided rationalization for implementing the latest ICTs into the Ukrainian universities’ curricula, as well as creating modern methods for using the technologies in the learning / teaching process and scientific activities.


information and communication technologies, pedagogy technology, database, digital space, infological models, interactivity.