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A Cooperative Multiagent System for Enhancing Smart Grid Performance


Mohammad A Obeidat


Vol. 23  No. 2  pp. 164-172


Sharing power data between electrical power grids is crucial in energy management. The multi-agent approach has been applied in various applications to improve the development of complex systems by making them both independent and collaborative. The smart grid is one of the most intricate systems that requires a higher level of independence, reliability, protection, and adaptability to user requests. In this paper, a multi-agent system is utilized to share knowledge and tackle challenges in smart grids. The shared information is used to make decisions that aid in power distribution management within the grid and with other networks. The proposed multi-agent mechanism improves the reliability of the power system by providing the necessary information at critical times. The results indicate that the multi-agent system operates efficiently and promptly, making it a highly promising candidate for smart grid management.


Multiagent System, Smart Grid, JADE, Energy performance