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Implementing Firewall to Mitigate YOYO Attack on Multi Master Cluster Nodes Using Fail2Ban


Muhammad Faraz Hyder, Muhammad Umer Farooq, Mustafa Latif, Faizan Razi Khan4, Abdul Hameed, Noor Qayyum Khan, and M. Ahsan Siddiqui


Vol. 23  No. 2  pp. 126-132


Web technology is evolving with the passage of time, from a single node server to high availability and then in the form of Kubernetes. In recent years, the research community have been trying to provide high availability in the form of multi master cluster with a solid election algorithm. This is helpful in increasing the resources in the form of pods inside the worker node. There are new impact of known DDoS attack, which is utilizing the resources at its peak, known as Yoyo attack. It is kind of burst attack that can utilize CPU and memory to its limit and provide legit visitors with a bad experience. In this research, we tried to mitigate the Yoyo attack by introducing a firewall at load-balancer level to prevent the attack from going to the cluster network.


DDoS attack, high availability, Kubernetes, multi-master, yoyo attack.