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Unveiling a Website Development for Car Inquiry


Loay F. Hussein, Islam Abdalla Mohamed Abass, Anis Ben Aissa, and Mishaal Hammoud Al-Ruwaili


Vol. 23  No. 2  pp. 111-125


Due to the car's central role in modern life, the industry has become more fiercely competitive, with each manufacturer doing everything it can to attract buyers with features like plush interiors, comprehensive warranties, and helpful customer service departments. Customers may not have the luxury of buying a new car, so they will have to buy a used car. Nevertheless, in most cases, the customer (car driver) may be deceived about the vehicle information and history and thus will be confused in making his/her decision to purchase. In addition, after all attempts to obtain vehicle information (plate number, model, year of manufacture, number of maintenance times, accidents, etc.), the customer's many attempts may fail. In general, the government records and verifies the information of all cars, even those that pass through their borders. However, there might still be some trouble in obtaining this information. From this standpoint, we will design a website that makes it easier for car drivers, car companies and governments to carry out all the above-mentioned processes. It will also allow users, whether a driver or a car company, to inquire about all vehicle information through detailed and integrated reports on its condition since its entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia until the present time, in addition to information supported by numbers and statistics to ensure the integrity and reliability of the information. This platform will save the trouble of searching for car information for drivers and car companies. It will also help governments keep track of the information of all cars entering and leaving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which will contribute to facilitating the process of viewing the history of any car that has previously entered the Kingdom’s borders.


Car Inquiry, Wamp Server, Visual Paradigm, Visual Studio.