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Secure Data Sharing in The Cloud Through Enhanced RSA


Islam abdalla mohamed, Loay F.Hussein, Anis Ben Aissa, Tarak kallel


Vol. 23  No. 2  pp. 89-95


Cloud computing today provides huge computational resources, storage capacity, and many kinds of data services. Data sharing in the cloud is the practice of exchanging files between various users via cloud technology. The main difficulty with file sharing in the public cloud is maintaining privacy and integrity through data encryption. To address this issue, this paper proposes an Enhanced RSA encryption schema (ERSA) for data sharing in the public cloud that protects privacy and strengthens data integrity. The data owners store their files in the cloud after encrypting the data using the ERSA which combines the RSA algorithm, XOR operation, and SHA-512. This approach can preserve the confidentiality and integrity of a file in any cloud system while data owners are authorized with their unique identities for data access. Furthermore, analysis and experimental results are presented to verify the efficiency and security of the proposed schema.


Cloud computing; Data sharing; Data confidentiality; Encryption and Authentication.