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Consciousness, Cognition and Neural Networks in the Brain: Advances and Perspectives in Neuroscience


Muhammad Saleem and Muhammad Hamid


Vol. 23  No. 2  pp. 47-54


This article reviews recent advances and perspectives in neuroscience related to consciousness, cognition, and neural networks in the brain. The neural mechanisms underlying cognitive processes, such as perception, attention, memory, and decision-making, are explored. The article also examines how these processes give rise to our experience of consciousness. The implications of these findings for our understanding of the brain and its functions are presented, as well as potential applications of this knowledge in fields such as medicine, psychology, and artificial intelligence. Additionally, the article explores the concept of a quantum viewpoint concerning consciousness, cognition, and creativity and how incorporating DNA as a key element could reconcile classical and quantum perspectives on human behaviour, consciousness, and cognition, as explained by genomic psychological theory. Furthermore, the article explains how the human brain processes external stimuli through the sensory nervous system and how it can be simulated using an artificial neural network (ANN) consisting of one input layer, multiple hidden layers, and an output layer. The law of learning is also discussed, explaining how ANNs work and how the modification of weight values affects the output and input values. The article concludes with a discussion of future research directions in this field, highlighting the potential for further discoveries and advancements in our understanding of the brain and its functions.


Artificial neural network, Cognition, Consciousness, DNA, Quantum transformation, Sensory nervous system.