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Money as a Polycontextual Value and Means of Self-Identification of a Modern Person: Traditional vs Virtual


S.Khrypko, Qi Yang, M.Kozlovets, I.Chornomordenko, M. Kolinko, V. Havronenko, O.Lobanchuk, and Н. Salo


Vol. 23  No. 2  pp. 1-12


The article examines the axiological psycho-philosophical understanding of the phenomenon of money and its value role in modern society. The traditional and virtual context of the representation of the money phenomenon is considered.Following the ideas of G. Simmel, the authors consider money not only as a purely economic, but also a psycho-philosophical, cultural and social phenomenon. Money appears as a result of cultural development of the world and gradually forms a monetary culture as a space of economic and social interaction of people. Under the influence of the monetary culture of one or another historical period, the character of a person’s economic activity, values and life orientations are formed. Modern money culture is often called financial civilization. Peculiarities of modern monetary culture are studied, its main features and problems are determined in the article. The problem of the peculiarities of the constructive and destructive attitude of the individual towards money is identified; a psycho-philosophical and cultural-identification typology of people is described, which is based on clinical observations and interpreted through the prism of psychoanalytic theory. The concept of money is highlighted from the standpoint of a social-psychological approach. The theoretical foundations of money’s influence on the decision-making process and human behavior are also revealed.


money, financial terminology, money culture, monetary culture, philosophy of money, monetary relations, monetary attitude, identity, central banks digital currency, CBDC, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, stablecoin, digital currency, virtual currency, electronic