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Toward a New Safer Cybersecurity Posture using RC6 & RSA as Hybrid Crypto-Algorithms with VC Cipher


Jenan.S Alkhonaini, Shuruq.A Alduraywish, and Dr. Maria Altaib Badawi


Vol. 23  No. 1  pp. 164-168


As our community has become increasingly dependent on technology, security has become a bigger concern, which makes it more important and challenging than ever. security can be enhanced with encryption as described in this paper by combining RC6 symmetric cryptographic algorithms with RSA asymmetric algorithms, as well as the Vigen?re cipher, to help manage weaknesses of RC6 algorithms by utilizing the speed, security, and effectiveness of asymmetric algorithms with the effectiveness of symmetric algorithm items as well as introducing classical algorithms, which add additional confusion to the decryption process. An analysis of the proposed encryption speed and throughput has been conducted in comparison to a variety of well-known algorithms to demonstrate the effectiveness of each algorithm.


Cybersecurity, Cryptographic, Encryption algorithms, hybrid algorithms, Encryption, Decryption, RSA, RC6, Vigen?re cipher.