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Graph Assisted Resource Allocation for Energy Efficient IoT Computing


Mohammed Alkhathami


Vol. 23  No. 1  pp. 140-146


Resource allocation is one of the top challenges in Internet of Things (IoT) networks. This is due to the scarcity of computing, energy and communication resources in IoT devices. As a result, IoT devices that are not using efficient algorithms for resource allocation may cause applications to fail and devices to get shut down. Owing to this challenge, this paper proposes a novel algorithm for managing computing resources in IoT network. The fog computing devices are placed near the network edge and IoT devices send their large tasks to them for computing. The goal of the algorithm is to conserve energy of both IoT nodes and the fog nodes such that all tasks are computed within a deadline. A bi-partite graph-based algorithm is proposed for stable matching of tasks and fog node computing units. The output of the algorithm is a stable mapping between the IoT tasks and fog computing units. Simulation results are conducted to evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithm which proves the improvement in terms of energy efficiency and task delay.


Internet of Things, Fog computing, Energy efficiency, Task deadline.