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Enhancement in Isolation among Collinearly Placed Microstrip Patch Antenna Arrays


Irfan Ali Tunio, Hernan Dellamaggiora, Umair Saeed, Ayaz Ahmed Hoshu, Ghulam Hussain


Vol. 23  No. 1  pp. 120-124


Strong surface waves among collinearly arranged patch antenna arrays pose unwanted inter element coupling particularly when high permittivity dielectric materials are used. In order to avert those waves, a novel Defected Ground Structure (DGS) is carved out systematically between two E-plane patch antenna elements. The introduced low profile u-shaped structure consequently improves impedance bandwidth and reflection coefficient by suppressing surface waves considerably. Parametric simulation results are analyzed and discussed.


Antenna array, mutual coupling, patch antenna, defected ground structure, surface waves, return loss, impedance bandwidth.