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Classification for Imbalanced Breast Cancer Dataset Using Resampling Methods


Hana Babiker Nassar


Vol. 23  No. 1  pp. 89-95


Analyzing breast cancer patient files is becoming an exciting area of medical information analysis, especially with the increasing number of patient files. In this paper, breast cancer data is collected from Khartoum state hospital, and the dataset is classified into recurrence and no recurrence. The data is imbalanced, meaning that one of the two classes have more sample than the other. Many pre-processing techniques are applied to classify this imbalanced data, resampling, attribute selection, and handling missing values, and then different classifiers models are built. In the first experiment, five classifiers (ANN, REP TREE, SVM, and J48) are used, and in the second experiment, meta-learning algorithms (Bagging, Boosting, and Random subspace). Finally, the ensemble model is used. The best result was obtained from the ensemble model (Boosting with J48) with the highest accuracy 95.2797% among all the algorithms, followed by Bagging with J48(90.559%) and random subspace with J48(84.2657%). The breast cancer imbalanced dataset was classified into recurrence, and no recurrence with different classified algorithms and the best result was obtained from the ensemble model.


Breast Cancer, Imbalance dataset, attribute selection, Resampling method, Ensemble model.