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The Smart Medicine Delivery Using UAV for Elderly Center


Li Jie, Weiwei Goh, N.Z. Jhanjhi, and David Asirvatham


Vol. 23  No. 1  pp. 78-88


Medication safety and medicine delivery challenge the well-being of the elderly and the management of the elderly center. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the elderly in the care center were challenged by the inconvenience of the medication restocking. The purpose of this paper accentuates the importance of the design and development of an UAV-based Smart Medicine Case (UAV-SMC) to improve the performance of medication management and medicine delivery in the elderly center. The researchers came up with the design of UAV-SMC in the light of the UAV and IoT technology to improve the performance of both Medication Practice Management (MPM) and Low Inventory Detection and Delivery (LIDD). Based on the result, with UAV-SMC, the performance of both MPM and LIDD was significantly improved. The UAV-SMC improves the efficacy of medication management in the elderly center by 26.97 to 149.83 seconds for each medication practice and 9.03 mins for each time of medicine delivery in Subang Jaya Malaysia. This paper only investigates the adoption of UAV-SMC in the content of elderly center rather than other industries. The authors consider integrating the UAV-SMC with the e-pharmacy system in the future. In conclusion, the UAV-SMC has significantly improved the medication management and guard the safety of elderly and caretaker in the elderly in the post-pandemic times.


Drone, Medicine Box, Elderly, Telemedicine, UAV, Low Inventory Detection