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Marine Incidents Management and Information Exchange Technologies in the Process of Safe Ship Operation


Oleksiy Melnyk, Yana Volianska, Oleg Onishchenko, Svitlana Onyshchenko, Alla Bondar, Andrii Golovan Nataliia Cheredarchuk, Iryna Honcharuk, Tetyana Obnyavko


Vol. 23  No. 1  pp. 64-70


Maritime transport is dominant in the overall volume of all international transportation. Existence and overcoming of problems, which cause pressure on shipping safety, remain actual and fully concern both maritime and inland transport. Increasing speed and cargo capacity of the ships along with the reduction of crew members lead to the automation of a growing number of work processes, which indicates the need to actively introduce appropriate measures in the security system of sea-going ships and commercial ports and to develop modern approaches to minimize negative events and incidents in the process of ship operation. Advantages in use of modern methods of monitoring the safety of ship operations, management of possible events and incidents, including investigation of accidents, first, aimed at prevention of negative occurrences and ways of prevention on this basis. Considering statistics on incidents increase, this work presents analysis of general ship accident rate, study of major accidental events growth annually, and investigation of causes of incidents, which most frequently occur in port waters and at open sea. A survey of current approaches to ensuring the safety of shipping by implementing effective tools, such as event and incident management, has been conducted.


Maritime safety, Maritime transport, Shipping and Logistics, Marine incidents, Incidents management, Safety of ship operation, Marine navigation, Maritime information technologies, Maritime communication, Sea carriage.