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A Generic Multi-Level Algorithm for Prioritized Multi-Criteria Decision Making


G. AlShorbagy, Eslam Hamouda, and A. S. Abohamama


Vol. 23  No. 1  pp. 25-32


Decision-making refers to identifying the best alternative among a set of alternatives. When a set of criteria are involved, the decision-making is called multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM). In some cases, the involved criteria may be prioritized by the human decision-maker, which determines the importance degree for each criterion; hence, the decision-making becomes prioritized multi-criteria decision-making. The essence of prioritized MCDM is raking the different alternatives concerning the criteria and selecting best one(s) from the ranked list. This paper introduces a generic multi-level algorithm for ranking multiple alternatives in prioritized MCDM problems. The proposed algorithm is implemented by a decision support system for selecting the most critical short-road requests presented to the transportation ministry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The ranking results show that the proposed ranking algorithm achieves a good balance between the importance degrees determined by the human decision maker and the score value of the alternatives concerning the different criteria.


Decision Support System, Multi-Attribute Decision Making, Ranking, Heuristic