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Secure Cluster Selection in Autonomous Vehicular Networks


Mohammed Alkhathami


Vol. 23  No. 1  pp. 11-16


Vehicular networks are part of the next generation wireless and smart Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). In the future, autonomous vehicles will be an integral part of ITS and will provide safe and reliable traveling features to the users. The reliability and security of data transmission in vehicular networks has been a challenging task. To manage data transmission in vehicular networks, road networks are divided into clusters and a cluster head is selected to handle the data. The selection of cluster heads is a challenge as vehicles are mobile and their connectivity is dynamically changing. In this paper, a novel secure cluster head selection algorithm is proposed for secure and reliable data sharing. The idea is to use the secrecy rate of each vehicle in the cluster and adaptively select the most secure vehicle as the cluster head. Simulation results show that the proposed scheme improves the reliability and security of the transmission significantly.


Vehicular network, Intelligent transportation systems, autonomous driving, security.