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A Broadband High Gain Planar Vivaldi Antenna for Medical Internet of Things (M-IoT) Healthcare Applications


Permanand Soothar, Hao Wang, Zaheer Ahmed Dayo, Falak Naz, Badar Muneer, and Muhammad Aamir


Vol. 22  No. 12  pp. 245-251


In this paper, a high gain, broadband planar vivaldi antenna (PVA) by utilizing a broadband stripline feed is developed for wireless communication for IoT systems. The suggested antenna is designed by attaching a tapered-slot construction to a typical vivaldi antenna, which improves the antenna's radiation properties. The PVA is constructed on a low-cost FR4 substrate. The dimensions of the patch are 1.886×1.42×0.026, dielectric constant e=4.4, and loss tangent 0.02. The width of the feed line is reduced to improve the impedance bandwidth of the antenna. The computed reflection coefficient findings show that the suggested antenna has a 46.2 wider relative bandwidth calculated at a 10 dB return loss. At the resonance frequencies of 6.5 GHz, the studied results show an optimal gain of 5.82 dBi and 85% optimal radiation efficiency at the operable band. The optometric analysis of the proposed structure shows that the proposed antenna can achieve wide enough bandwidth at the desired frequency and hence make the designed antenna appropriate to work in satellite communication and medical internet of things (M-IoT) healthcare applications.


.IoT, Medical healthcare, Planar vivaldi antenna, Slot, Broadband, Bandwidth, Radiation efficient, and High gain.