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An Electronic Strategy in Innovative Learning Situations and the Design of a Digital Application for Individual Learning to Combat Deviant Intellectual Currents in Light of the Saudi Vision 2030


Prof Aisha Bleyhesh Al-Amri, Dr Khaloud Zainaddin, Mr. Abdulrahman Ahmed Zahid, Mrs. Jehan Sulaimani


Vol. 22  No. 12  pp. 217-228


The study aimed to build an electronic strategy in innovative learning situations for the role of education in combating intellectual currents. A total of 525 Saudi university faculty members and general education teachers were surveyed using two electronic questionnaires. Arithmetic averages and standard deviations, One-way ANOVA, Scheff?'s test, Pearson's correlation coefficient, and Cronbach's alpha stability coefficient were used as statistical methods. The study statistically identifies the differences between the study sample at the level of significance (0.05). and the design of a digital application for individual learning to combat deviant intellectual currents to activate them in light of Saudi Vision 2030 by combining the theoretical academic material and turning it into a learning e-game called (crosswords). The game is equipped with hyper media that supports education with entertainment to direct ideas towards the promotion of identity, the development of values towards moderation and the consolidation of intellectual security. Additionally, the learning e-game represents awareness messages in three short films to activate the role of curricula and intellectual awareness centers to apply realistically, innovatively, and effectively.


innovative learning situations, deviant intellectual currents, strategy, Saudi vision 2030, e-learning, 'digital applications.