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A Novel Active User Identification Method for Space based Constellation Network


Kenan Zhang, Xingqian Li, Kai Ding, and Li Li


Vol. 22  No. 12  pp. 212-216


Space based constellation network is a kind of ad hoc network in which users are self-organized without center node. In space based constellation network, users are allowed to enter or leave the network at any given time. Thus, the number of active users is an unknown and time-varying parameter, and the performance of the network depends on how accurately this parameter is estimated. The so-called problem of active user identification, which consists of determining the number and identities of users transmitting in space based constellation network is discussed and a novel active user identification method is proposed in this paper. Active user identification code generated by transmitter address code and receiver address code is used to spread spectrum. Subspace-based method is used to process received signal and judgment model is established to identify active users according to the processing results. The proposed method is simulated under AWGN channel, Rician channel and Rayleigh channel respectively. Numerical results indicate that the proposed method obtains at least 1.16dB Eb/N0 gains compared with reference methods when miss alarm rate reaches 10-3.


Active user identification; Space based constellation network