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IOT Intelligent Watering Sensor For Indoor Plant


Hana Mujlid, Haneen Daifallah Alghamdi, Hind Abdulaziz Alkharashi, Marah Awadh Alkhaldi


Vol. 22  No. 12  pp. 171-177


The number of people who own indoor plants is growing today, but as a result of their busy lifestyles?such as work or travel?as well as a lack of enthusiasm in caring for their plants, their plants wither. The use of an irrigation control system with a surveillance camera can assist such folks in taking care of their plants. Such a device can assist in remotely watering plants at predetermined times and checking on the health of the plants. The proprietors would be able to live comfortably without feeling bad thanks to this change. Internet access is required for this technology in order to monitor the plants and control the watering through apps. A sensor is installed in the soil to monitor soil humidity and send data to the microcontroller for irrigation, allowing the owner to schedule irrigation as they see fit and keep an eye on their plants all day. With the use of a remote irrigation control system, the plants will grow properly and be irrigated with the proper amount of water, and the owners will be so glad and delighted to watch their plants. Knowing the time and quantity of water are vital parts of the plant growth.


Indoor plants, monitor, soil humidity, remote irrigation.