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Exploratory Investigation for Some Universities’ E-Learning Systems during Covid-19 Pandemic


Fatima Rayan Awad Ahmed,Thowiba E. Ahmed, Rashid A. Saeed, Elmustafa Sayed Ali, Ghada Elnour Elterafi Abdelrhman, Somia Yousif Ahmed Abutiraima


Vol. 22  No. 12  pp. 160-170


COVID pandemic has reshaped the world as it has been known to us and the education system is one of the most affected by it. Due to social distancing, quarantines and isolations have made it impossible for the knowledge transition to the masses using conventional methods. For cope with pandemic, the only other way available for some of the fortunate countries is the use of E-learning having somewhat the same traditional teaching method. This paper is concerned with the study of the preparedness of the learning system in some Sudanese universities due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Critical analysis has been performed to evaluate the current developing scenario, usage of the facilities available in open-source platforms, and the interaction of the universities folks with e-learning systems. The impact of such measures has been thoroughly investigated in this paper for Sudan which is already deprived of a proper education system. The investigation shows that the interact of the staff and the students with the system was acceptable where more than 85% of those enrolled to the system were interact properly and efficiently. The lecturers conducted through the platform were attended with more than 75% of the students. We also found that most of the lecturer were avoid to exam students by utilize the platform; where only 45% of the uploaded courses were conducted exams over Moodle platform. As Moodle is an open source and still need to be improved to be used for high examination credibility.


COVID-19, E-learning, Information Technology, Assessment methods, social media