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The Role of Smart Technologies in Training Future Specialists


Oksana Popovych, Rostislav Motsyk, Iryna Mozul, Karina Fedchenko, Andrii Zhbanchyk, Olena Terenko, Oleksandr Kuchai


Vol. 22  No. 12  pp. 153-159


The article discusses the use of smart technologies in the training of future specialists. Today, learning using smart technologies is becoming a new educational standard, where information is presented in a logical sequence, computer training systems have powerful functions for the educational process. The functions of smart technologies are highlighted. It is noted that smart technologies are successfully used in the field of education and professional training. The concept of ""smart education"" is characterized. Smart education is an educational paradigm that underlies a new type of education system. The implementation of the smart education paradigm is aimed at the process of obtaining competencies and competencies for flexible and adapted interaction with the social, economic and technological environment. Smart education should ensure that the benefits of the global information society can be used to meet educational needs and interests. A special place is occupied by computer-based educational multimedia systems that allow you to deepen your knowledge, reduce the duration of training, and increase the number of students per teacher. The main principles of smart education are highlighted. Improving the efficiency of training in a modern higher education institution is impossible without the introduction of smart technologies in the organization of the educational process.


smart technologies, education, professional training, multimedia systems, smart education, information society, technological environment.