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Access Control Mechanism for CouchDB


Ashwaq A. Al-otaibi, Reem M. Alotaibi, Nermin Hamza


Vol. 22  No. 12  pp. 107-115


Recently, big data applications need another database different from the Relation database. NoSQL databases are used to save and handle massive amounts of data. NoSQL databases have many advantages over traditional databases like flexibility, efficiently processing data, scalability, and dynamic schemas. Most of the current applications are based on the web, and the size of data is in increasing. NoSQL databases are expected to be used on a more and large scale in the future. However, NoSQL suffers from many security issues, and one of them is access control. Many recent applications need Fine-Grained Access control (FGAC). The integration of the NoSQL databases with FGAC will increase their usability in various fields. It will offer customized data protection levels and enhance security in NoSQL databases. There are different NoSQL database models, and a document-based database is one type of them. In this research, we choose the CouchDB NoSQL document database and develop an access control mechanism that works at a fain-grained level. The proposed mechanism uses role-based access control of CouchDB and restricts read access to work at the document level. The experiment shows that our mechanism effectively works at the document level in CouchDB with good execution time.


Big data; Security issues; Access control; Fine-Grained Access control (FGAC); NoSQL database.