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Formation of Research Competence Using Innovative Technologies to Improve the Quality of Training Future Specialists


Olena Dobosh, Daria Koval, Natalya Paslavska, Natalia Cherednichenko, Iryna Bondar, Oksana Vytrykhovska, Olena Bida


Vol. 22  No. 12  pp. 91-97


Analyzing the psychological and pedagogical literature, we showed the interest of researchers in the problem posed. The concept of competence is considered, which is interpreted as giving the key to solving a wide range of educational and life tasks. Research competence implies the ability to cooperate, enter into contacts, readiness for changes, for self-determination and is an integral quality of the individual, expressed in the readiness and ability to independently search for solutions to new problems and creative transformation of reality based on a set of personal and meaningful knowledge, skills, methods of activity and value attitudes.The article offers conditions that certify the improvement of forms and methods of training students in the formation of research competence of future specialists. The use of innovative technologies contributes to improving the level of training of future specialists: students are better prepared for classes, take an active part in the assimilation of program material in laboratory classes. It is noted that this creates a subject-subject relationship between the student and the teacher, and changes the attitude of students to classes. In the process of such organization of educational activities, students are convinced of the need for knowledge and its effectiveness, learn to compare, generalize, classify, establish cause-and-effect relationships, express opinions, defend their point of view, they ensure success in their studies, and develop research competence. It is proved that in order to apply the latest technologies, the teacher himself must know them well, that is, constantly improve himself, master new methods, techniques, ideas, which will help him create new pedagogical technologies and implement them in the educational process.


formation of research competence, future specialists, improving the level of training future specialists, the latest technologies, educational process, integrative personality characteristics, readiness and ability to independently search for solutions to