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Designing a Remote Electronic Irrigation and Soil Fertility Managing System Using Mobile and Soil Moisture Measuring Sensor


Asim Seedahmed Ali Osman, Eman Galaleldin Ahmed Kalil


Vol. 22  No. 12  pp. 71-78


Electronic measuring devices have an important role in agricultural projects and in various fields. Electronic measuring devices play a vital role in controlling and saving soil information. They are designed to measure the temperature, acidity and moisture of the soil. In this paper, a new methodology to manage irrigation and soil fertility using an electronic system is proposed. This is designed to operate the electronic irrigation and adds inorganic fertilizers automatically. This paper also explains the concept of remote management and control of agricultural projects using electronic soil measurement devices. The proposed methodology is aimed at managing the electronic irrigation process, reading the moisture percentage, elements of soil and controlling the addition of inorganic fertilizers. The system also helps in sending alert messages to the user when an error occurs in measuring the percentage of soil moisture specified for crop and a warning message when change happens to the fertility of soil as many workers find difficulty in daily checking of soil and operating agricultural machines such as irrigation machine and soil fertilizing machine, especially in large projects.


Remote Electronic Irrigation, Soil Fertility Management, Mobile phone, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart irrigation.