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A Maximum A Posterior Probability based Multiuser Detection Method in Space based Constellation Network


Kenan Zhang, Xingqian Li, Kai Ding, Li Li


Vol. 22  No. 12  pp. 51-56


In space based constellation network, users are allowed to enter or leave the network arbitrarily. Hence, the number, identities and transmitted data of active users vary with time and have considerable impacts on the receiver’s performance. The so-called problem of multiuser detection means identifying the identity of each active user and detecting the data transmitted by each active user. Traditional methods assume that the number of active users is equal to the maximum number of users that the network can hold. The model of traditional methods are simple and the performance are suboptimal. In this paper a Maximum A Posteriori Probability (MAP) based multiuser detection method is proposed. The proposed method models the activity state of users as Markov chain and transforms multiuser detection into searching optimal path in grid map with BCJR algorithm. Simulation results indicate that the proposed method obtains 2.6dB and 1dB Eb/N0 gains respectively when activity detection error rate and symbol error rate reach 10-3, comparing with reference methods.


Multiuser detection; MAP; BCJR algorithm; Space based constellation network