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Significance and Research Challenges of Defensive and Offensive Cybersecurity in Smart Grid


Hana Mujlid


Vol. 22  No. 12  pp. 29-36


Smart grid (SG) software platforms and communication networks that run and manage the entire grid are increasingly concerned about cyber security. Characteristics of the smart grid networks, including heterogeneity, time restrictions, bandwidth, scalability, and other factors make it difficult to secure. The age-old strategy of ""building bigger walls"" is no longer sufficient given the rise in the quantity and size of cyberattacks as well as the sophisticated methods threat actor uses to hide their actions. Cyber security experts utilize technologies and procedures to defend IT systems and data from intruders. The primary objective of every organization's cybersecurity team is to safeguard data and information technology (IT) infrastructure. Consequently, further research is required to create guidelines and methods that are compatible with smart grid security. In this study, we have discussed objectives of of smart grid security, challenges of smart grid security, defensive cybersecurity techniques, offensive cybersecurity techniques and open research challenges of cybersecurity.


Smart grid; IT infrastructure; Cyber attacks; Defensive cyber security; Offensive cyber security; Cyber challenges