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Use of Visual Digital Media to Develop Creativity: The Example of Video Games


V. Zabolotnyuk, S.Khrypko, Ostashchuk, D.Chornomordenko, A.Timchenko, T.Motruk, K.Pasko, O.Lobanchuk


Vol. 22  No. 12  pp. 13-18


In the post-information era, most of technologies have a visual part, or at least some functions related to visualization. It is also one of the popular means of presenting materials in education area. However, despite its popularity, the impact of visualization on the effectiveness of learning still remains controversial. Even more controversial is its usefulness in developing creativity, which is one of the most important skills for today’s employee. The authors considered the use of visualization as a tool for the development of children’s creativity on the example of learning video games, in particular, ClassCraft to distinguish features that, from the point of view of psychology, may lead to developing creativity even being not useful for educational purposes. It is concluded that video games useful for learning may have features, that are inappropriate in formal educational context, but important to develop creative thinking.


visualization, creativity, IT in education, video games, guardian of virtual culture virtual dimension, virtual culture, cyber security.