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Beneficial and Efficient Secure Network Function Virtualization in 5G Wireless Networks


Alwi M Bamhdi


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 658-668


Future ubiquitous and pervasive networking, wireless apps, and user experiences will be revolutionized by 5G wireless technologies. 5G must deliver vastly increased network capacity to reach its full potential, enabling huge device connections with lower latency and achieving significant energy savings in comparison to current wireless technologies. However, the allocation of virtual resources and duplication of internetworking cache strategies used in 5G are the main challenges in wireless network virtualization. This study proposes an architecture based on information-centric networking and virtual wireless networks to solve the challenges of achieving high resource utilization in 5G networks. The main objective is to use the full potential of 5G in resource leveraging beneficially within the confines of secure network function virtualization. The performance analysis shows that comparing the present non-virtualized architecture to the Virtual Network Functions (VNF), there is a savings of around 30% resources and an amount of money saved by as much as 50%.


5G, network function virtualization, information-centric networking, wireless networks, security.