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CBES: A framework for Cloud-based E-learning System at SaaS Level


Ahsan Ahmed, Mohd Anul Haq, Niranjan Polala , Vuppu Shankar , Jayadev Gyani


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 651-657


Today, as we are living in the era of the Internet, the word “cloud” revolves around everyone. Cloud Computing is the concept that is implemented to provide high computing inexpensive infrastructure and software available on demand. The usage of cloud-based e-learning systems is increasingly becoming popular day by day and is gaining demand around the world. Almost all private and public educational institutions are adopting cloud computing for managing their learning resources. It provides easy anywhere easy access to its users but still the policies or methods to secure the cloud are still not developed properly. Truth worthiness is becoming critical for the future usage of Cloud-based e-learning systems (CBES). The paper discusses different advantages and weaknesses issues related to a CBES and finally proposed a framework that overcomes the different challenges for CBES at the SaaS level, thus increasing the levels of acceptance of using the CBES.


e-learning; Cloud Computing; Security; Cloud Policies; IAAS, PAAS, SAAS, CBES