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Linguistic Innovations in the Educational Process of Educational Institutions


Olesia Tieliezhkina, Liana Naumenko, Oksana Zhyglo, Iryna Palasevych, Маiya Babkina, Mariia Voloshyn


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 623-627


The main purpose of the article is to analyze the features of linguistic innovations in the process of education. Innovations in education are also often viewed as a threat, since higher education shows stability and conservatism in the implementation of the ""knowledge"" model of education, being little receptive to modern models of educational activities, the dialogue of cultures, and personality-developing educational technologies. In this case, from the standpoint of synergetics, the education system acts as a closed system capable of protecting itself from innovations, which it considers as disorder and instability. Within the educational system, changes are continuous and gradual, the laws of development are controlled and predictable, life is stable and orderly. Based on the results of the study, the key aspects of the application of linguistic innovations in the educational process were characterized.


innovations, linguistic, educational process.