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New Technologies for Training Future Specialists in the Context of Competence-Oriented Mentoring


Kateryna Mulyk, Tetyana Mochan, Tetiana Nikonenko, Olga Alekseeva, Olena Terenko, Vitalii Berbets, Olena Bida


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 616-622


New technologies for training future specialists in the context of competence-oriented mentoring are analyzed. Mentoring is interpreted as a type of training, as well as a form of adaptation. Mentorship is considered to be the most effective type and important link of training in an organization. The ultimate goal of a mentoring program is to ""create"" an effective employee for a particular organization. Under the competence-oriented mentoring of students in modern conditions, we understand a structured, open, dynamic socio-pedagogical process, which is a set of purposeful influences on young personnel who begin their work in various spheres of life, in order to form their professional (service-oriented) competencies; socially significant personality qualities, defined by us as socio-personal competencies; reducing the adaptation period of the student in the workplace and strengthening motivation for the high-quality performance of certain labor functions, continuity of values formed by many years of practice and collective achievements of the institution. The professional competence of the mentor is revealed. The necessary specific qualities inherent in the mentor are highlighted. Common forms of pedagogical mentoring are analyzed. The rapid development of internet communication has contributed to the emergence of a remote form of support for young teachers-electronic mentoring (e-mentoring), which is carried out through communication between mentors and wards via e-mail, on professional forums, blogs or via video conferencing for a long period ? from one to several years. Let's focus on e-mentoring.


new technologies, e-mentoring, mentoring, remote form, competence-oriented mentoring, professional competence of the mentor, competence approach, highly qualified specialist.