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Cultural and Educational Tourism in the System of Creative Industries of a Region


Elena Viktorovna Kharkovskaya, Nina Vladimirovna Efremova, Natalya Viktorovna Posokhova and Elena Aleksandrovna Beletskaya


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 581-584


One promising direction for the development of the tourism industry in the Russian Federation is cultural and educational tourism. Every year a vast number of tourists travel around the world, and many of them prefer cultural and educational tourism. This particular industry in tourism is contemporary, promising, and relevant. It also offers tourists to visit and stay in a new little-known location and stimulates the development of the tourist business. The development of cultural and educational tourism contributes to the sustainable popularization of a particular area, increasing the income of the local population, creating new jobs, etc. Thus, this topic's relevance is of particular value in modern society.


tourism, cultural and educational tour, region, development, excursion.