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Principles of Organizing Independent Work of Students in the Context of Distance Learning


Valentyn Teslenko, Nataliia Cherepania, Raisa Prima, Olena Terenko, Liudmyla Yefymenko5, Karina Vlasenko6, Oleksandr Priadko7


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 535-542


Currently, distance learning and higher education are in the process of adapting to the changes taking place in society. New information technologies are beginning to define the essence of the educational environment. Distance education of the new generation gives students the opportunity to be autonomous learning subjects, which will significantly change the usual teacher-student relationship. Thus, we can talk about the essence of the idea of cognitive independent activity of students by means of distance learning as a necessary condition for improving the quality of extracurricular educational process, which is an integral component of the educational process in higher education institutions and the integrated use of students' reserve opportunities in self-study. To activate independent work of students in the educational process of higher education, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors. These include: problematization, integration and dialogization of educational content; research and personality-oriented approaches to the organization of independent work of students; creative orientation of independent activities; the use of Information Technologies. The characteristic features of distance learning are noted. Distance learning as an innovative technology has a huge systemic effect on all components of the pedagogical process, the overall structure and activities of the pedagogical community as a whole. A student's creative position, which prevents them from simply assimilating unfiltered information, is a necessary condition for personal-oriented distance education. With the purpose of implementing such a focus in distance learning, to activate the independent work of students in the modern educational process of higher education, is to define the principles of distance learning.


distance learning, principles, organization of independent work, students, features of distance learning, innovative technology, higher education.