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Obfuscation with Fuzzy Based Data Security Algorithm for Improving the Security in Cloud (OFDSA)


A.Ahadha Parveen and P.S.S Akilashri


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 485-492


Cloud computing refers to the way of storing, processing and managing data over the internet instead of a local computer or server. The most significant problem associated with cloud computing is security. Brute-force Attack, Cipher texts Only Attack, Known Plaintext Attack is one of the challenging security threats while sharing data and resources over the cloud. The cloud provider should make sure of its user’s data storage confidentiality. In addition, the conventional “Advanced Encryption Standard” (AES) algorithm requires to be improved to deal with the rising security risks in the cloud setting. To handle these issues, this research proposes a new obfuscation with fuzzy based data security algorithm called OFDSA (Obfuscation with fuzzy based Data Security Algorithm) to increase the security level and protect the data stored in the cloud environment. Obfuscation is the most efficient technique to protect data from various cloud security threats. In spite of fuzzy incorporation, one could get secure and optimal communication done in the transmission of data among the systems over inter and intranets.


Obfuscation; AES; Encryption; Fuzzy Logic.