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Current Trends in Forensic Investigation through Evidence based on External Storage


Abdul Khader Jilani and Shirina Samreen


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 477-484


The proposed research employs external storage as an evidence to provide concise information with a transparent picture about forensic analysis concerns. Thereafter, the primary concern of this selected research study was to provide appropriate information on how external storage media help the forensic department to store sensitive information in a secure location. The entire study would have justified the cause and purpose of external storage in this case as the research intent described the necessity of external storage. The main contribution of the research study was employment of an appropriate research methodology for forensic analysis based on evidence through external storage. It included steps relating to data collection, drive history, and time regarding the security incident followed by creating audit trails. The next step was adequate documentation of forensic collection activities and the use of a number of tools to analyze and write findings. In this specific study, the researcher took both processes as primary and secondary in the form of qualitative research and objective analytical procedure respectively.Specifically, a computer forensics reference dataset named as hacking case was employed and the analysis and examination process was performed on a replica copy and the Autopsy tool was used to analyze the evidence. A great deal of information was extracted through forensic analysis including the information on the device like system type, device name, domain, the number of accounts registered in this computer, name of the account that used most often, and tools used for hacking.


Digital Forensics; Hacking; Forensics Evidence; Autopsy Tool.