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Tasks of Modern Education in an Innovative Society


Olena Mamchych, Anastasiia Poliakova, Andrii Drobin, Olha Kravchenko, Iryna Bodnaruk, Oksana Vytrykhovska, Ildiko Oros


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 459-466


The article shows the specifics of educational innovations, which are multidimensional and are carried out mainly through the interaction of subjects of pedagogical interaction; it has a mandatory impact on subjects receiving education and at the same time the motive for making a profit is not the main driving force for their introduction. Innovations in education are aimed at solving the problems that are shown in the article. The most important function of the teacher is formulated ? to teach pupils (students) the most important things: how to become a person and realize their potential opportunities and abilities. These are extremely difficult tasks nowadays. Life outside the walls of educational institutions is changing rapidly, and the teacher is trained ""according to yesterday's requirements of society, life"". The article shows advanced pedagogical experience, which is an important factor in improving pedagogical skills, developing the teacher's creative initiative, and an inexhaustible source of new and progressive things.


innovations in the higher education system, teacher functions, educational innovations, pedagogical interaction, modern education, innovative society.