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The Formation Of Theoretical Thinking As A Phenomenon Of Increasing The Effectiveness Of The Intercultural Component Of Communicators


Tetiana Smyrnova, Myroslava Fabian, Liudmyla Prokopenko, Iryna Samokhvalova, Olena Lytvyn


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 439-444


The article analyzes the existing concepts of intercultural communication, considers approaches to the study of reflection to determine it as a mechanism for increasing the effectiveness of intercultural reflection communications. The article presents an aspect of the study, the initial hypothesis of which is the assumption that the effectiveness of communication is due to sanogenic reflection. The theoretical study of the problem showed that the following aspects of the study of reflection were determined in science and practice: reflection is studied in the aspect of studying the principles of organization and development of the human psyche, its highest form - self-knowledge.


higher education, education system, intercultural reflection, communications, cultural, ethnic stereotypes