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Unbalanced Load Condition Fault Detection and Identification a Condition Monitoring Approach


Mohammad Ramzan1†,Majid Hussain, Dileep Kumar Soother, Fayaz Ahmed, Kelash Kanwar, Abdul Razaque, and Abdul Aleem Jamali


Vol. 22  No. 11  pp. 433-438


Industrial motors are the backbone of industry and bear harsh environmental and mechanical stress. Unbalanced loading is the major cause of failure in induction motors used extensively for industrial applications. Predicting any unbalanced load condition by measuring the vibration of the motor and its assembly has always remained a successful technique apart from other techniques for predictive maintenance. In this paper, a system of detecting and analyzing the unbalanced load condition is designed using an accelerometer and a temperature sensor. The overall system is designed through LabVIEW programming and both the sensors are interfaced through an Arduino making a data acquisition system. The continuous vibration of load side drive end bearing, the temperature of bearing, and motor winding temperature with balanced and unbalanced load conditions are monitored with the designed system. Hysteresis control to turn off the motor is incorporated when the limits of vibration and winding temperature are observed. Results show that the developed condition monitoring system is fully capable to detect increased levels of vibration and temperatures due to an unbalanced load condition and can prevent the damage of the motor in extreme conditions.


Vibration, Temperature, Unbalanced load, induction motor, winding.